Tea Ceremony

A tea ceremony experience which you can make your own matcha for beginners and those who would like to enjoy one of the most beautiful Japanese cultures using your spare time. 

Duration: 15min​

Fee          1,000JPY


Higashi Making Experience

Higashi is one of the Japanese sweets that melts in your mouth. Made of wasanbon which is a fine-grained Japanese sugar. 

Choose your favourite wooden mold made by one of a very few craftsmen in Japan. 

You can also add some colour as an option.

Duration: 20min

Fee:         1,300JPY~


【Special】 Higashi Making Experience

Wasanbon is only made in Kagawa Pref. and Tokushima Pref. in Shikoku area, Japan. In this programme, you can enjoy making higashi using 2 types of wasanbon. Feel and taste the difference. 

Duration: 30min

Fee:         2,500JPY


Nerikiri Wagashi Making Experience

Nerikiri  is an edible art. 

You use the finest white sweet bean paste and red sweet bean paste from the shop in Kyoto which has a long history and specialises in making sweet bean paste.

Sophisticated flavour that you will ever tasted. 

Motifs change every seasons. 

Make your own beautiful wagashi!

Duration: 30min

Fee:         1,500JPY


Tea Ceremony and Wagashi Experience

Nerikiri is one of the high-graded wet confectionaries.

The motifs of Nerikiri change every season.

After you make your own wagashi, you can make matcha by yourself in this course.

The sophisticated sweetness of Nerikiri and the bitterness of matcha go surprisingly well.

Duration: 40min

Fee:     2,300JPY~


Higashi Making Experience and Tea Ceremony (Making from Leaves!)

This course offers you three exciting activities: Higashi making experience, making matcha powder from leaves using a traditional stone mill, and tea ceremony.

Here is one of a few places that you can experience everything from the beginning.

Feel the difference and Japanese culture by joining in this activity!

Duration: 40min

Fee:     2,500JPY~


Floral Wagashi

This is our original wagashi using edible flowers.

Design your own wagashi with flowers.

It is completely your original art!

Duration: 30min

Fee:     2,000JPY~


Sake Tasting Experience

This course offers you a great opportunity to learn about Japanese sake. A fun and educational programme that allows you to go deep into sake as one of Japanese cultures.

Duration: 15min

Fee: 1,000JPY~



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